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Gray Wolves Receive Triennial Exams

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Gray Wolves Receive Triennial Exams
November 18, 2022

Our three 10-year-old gray wolves were given a clean bill of health at their triennial examinations in early November.

Northwest Trek Head veterinarian Dr. Allison Case led the exams with the assistance of veterinary technician Tracy and keepers Haley, Carly, and Aynsley.

On average, gray wolves weigh 75 to 110 pounds. At their exams, Canagan, the resident male wolf, weighed 103 pounds, and females Tala and Darci both weighed 83 pounds.

Each wolf received a complete checkup: full physical exam, blood and urine analyses, vaccinations, X-rays, nail trims, and a dental cleaning. And, of course, Dr. Case ensured the wolves were as comfortable as possible during their exams. She put down a warm blanket for each of them, gave them eye drops, and sprayed their tongue with water.

“It’s all about the well-being of our animals. We want to ensure their eyes and mouths aren’t dry when they wake up from the anesthesia,” said Dr. Case.

The wolves and Dr. Case have a special bond. They met when the wolves were just young pups, and Dr. Case has cared for them and watched them grow over the past 10 years.

“This is a very healthy bunch,” said Dr. Case.

Come to Northwest Trek and walk on the wild side to find our three gray wolves! Get up close and personal with them from inside the E.H. Baker Cabin. You might even catch a howl or two.