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Thank you, vet techs!
October 9, 2023

We’re celebrating Northwest Trek’s two incredible vet techs for Veterinary Technician Week (Oct. 15-21)! The vet techs assist the veterinarians in every aspect of animal health care:

  • Prepping for procedures.
  • Monitoring animal vitals.
  • Taking blood samples.
  • Working with keepers to help animals participate in their health care.
  • Giving treatments.
  • Endless administrative support.

“Our veterinary technicians, Tracy and Deanna, perform a vast array of duties, and the veterinary clinic could not function without them,” said Head Veterinarian Dr. Allison Case. “We are so grateful for what each of them brings to the position and consider ourselves very lucky to have them as team members.”

They each have unique skill sets and personalities that complement each other well. Meet each of them below.

Meet Tracy

full-time Clinical Veterinary Technician

Tracy Joined Northwest Trek in 2019. Before coming to Eatonville, Tracy worked at the Philadelphia Zoo. She has worked in zoo medicine for 15 years.

Vet Tech Tracy doing blood draw during exam

Tracy is originally from rural Michigan and grew up with many pets, everything from tarantulas to horses. Now, she has two cats and two parrots at home.

When she’s not working, she enjoys gardening, landscaping, and transforming her backyard into a wildlife habitat for birds and insects. Currently, a family of dark-eyed juncos enjoy foraging and taking turns in her bird bath.

Tracy’s favorite animals at Northwest Trek are the grizzly and black bears, the bison, and all the reptiles and amphibians in the Cheney Discovery Center.

“Tracy’s clinical nursing skills and organization, planning, and preparation are incredible,” said Dr. Case. “She thinks of everything, keeps everything spotless, and frees me up to do clinical and administrative work. She also helps by coordinating our research collaborations with other facilities, advancing veterinary and conservation science. She’s truly a quiet and talented powerhouse.”

She also does a significant amount of work managing medical records and database systems.

Meet Deanna

full-time keeper and fill-in Veterinary Technician  

Guests to Northwest Trek may recognize Deanna. She often leads Keeper Adventure Tours and is a full-time keeper in the 435-acre Free-Roaming Area. She’s also a qualified vet tech! Deanna has been employed at Northwest Trek for 17 years and spent many years prior to that as the veterinary assistant to the contracted veterinarian at the wildlife park.

“Deanna always has a terrific attitude,” said Dr. Case. “She does whatever is needed and is a great help to Tracy and me during Free-Roaming Area procedures. She can even get our fully-grown mountain goats onto a scale to weigh them all individually.”

Deanna’s favorite animals at Northwest Trek are the moose and mountain goats.

Deanna’s work with animals doesn’t end after work; she has two horses, two Watusi cattle, three Tibetan yaks, and two Irish dexter cattle at home. She enjoys showing her Irish dexter cows at fairs around the area and is training her Clydesdale how to drive. Deanna also loves to take photos of animals, trees, or landscapes that make her happy and share them with friends.

From the entire staff at Northwest Trek Wildlife Park, THANK YOU, Tracy and Deanna, for all that you do to keep the animals safe and healthy.