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Thank you, vet techs!

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Thank you, vet techs!
October 17, 2022
vet tech keeper skunk
Vet tech Tracy Cramer listens to Milton the skunk’s heart, assisted by keeper Wendi Mello.

It’s National Veterinary Technician Week Oct. 16-22, and we’re celebrating our wonderful veterinary technicians with a virtual thank-you card. Keepers, curators and veterinarians all weighed in to thank our superhero vet tech Tracy Cramer, plus keeper Deanna Edwards who’s also a licensed vet tech, for all they do to care for animals and help staff: prepping for procedures, monitoring animal vitals and taking samples, working with keepers to help animals take part in their own health care, giving therapies, endless administrative support and generally being awesome.

vet tech Tracy at wolf exam
Vet tech Tracy Cramer assists Dr. Allison Case at a wolf exam.

“Our veterinary technicians (also known as veterinary nurses) are invaluable. They do a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes, with expansive knowledge and medical skills. It’s hard to explain how much they actually do. They run and run, always thinking several steps ahead. It’s amazing.

Tracy has been here over 3 years as our clinical veterinary technician, and her contributions toward our hospital operations, management and medical schedule coordination has been tremendous. Her organization, planning and preparation is incredible. She thinks of everything, keeps everything spotless and frees me up to do my clinical and administrative work. She also helps by coordinating our research collaborations with other facilities, advancing veterinary and conservation science. She’s truly a quiet powerhouse.”
– Dr. Allison Case, head veterinarian

goat kid exam
Clockwise from left: Keepers Deanna Edwards and Skylar King, and veterinarian Dr. Allison Case, examine Ellinor.

“Deanna is a keeper and qualified vet tech. Through the best times and the hardest times, she maintains a terrific attitude. She does whatever is needed. In particular she helps out with Free-Roaming Area procedures, to be extra helpful for Tracy. She can get our nearly full-grown mountain goats onto a scale on a trailer to weigh them all individually. It’s priceless information, and creates a valuable relationship with the animals.”
– Dr. Allison Case, head veterinarian

“Tracy is the glue that helps hold together not only the veterinary team, but the entire animal care department. She works closely with the animal keepers to ensure our animals are getting the care they need – always keeping everyone on track with scheduled health checks, preparing prescribed medicines, keeping our veterinary clinic organized and running like a Swiss watch, and collaborating on training our animals to voluntarily participate in their own health care. Northwest Trek Wildlife Park is lucky to have her, and we’re so happy to have her on our team!”
– Marc Heinzman, zoological curator

black bear exam
Deanna Edwards assists with xrays at a black bear exam.

“Deanna is so awesomely adaptable. She can go from Free-Roaming Area keeper to vet tech to helping in other animal areas in a single bound. Her depth of knowledge of vet tech skill helps her to be a better keeper and her keeper skills help her to be a better vet tech.”
– Wendi Mello, keeper

“Tracy’s steady, organized manner is so useful when caring for the animals’ veterinary needs. She is always able to change plans as the animals constantly challenge our agendas. Her ability to connect with her patients is wonderful to witness.”
– Wendi Mello, keeper

“I love working with Tracy – she makes veterinary procedures go smoothly. She is always ready for anything that Dr. Case needs at that time. Tracy has a great sense of humor and I enjoy joking with her. Thank you, Tracy, for being a part of our team at Northwest Trek!”
Deanna Edwards, keeper and vet tech

“I appreciate Tracy for what she does as the go between for keepers and Dr. Case. Tracy is very helpful to me by preparing darting equipment as needed and necessary medications that require advanced preparation. She is very good at thinking ahead.”
– Dave Meadows, assistant curator

“Deanna does a great job of stepping in when Tracy is gone or assisting Tracy with very involved procedures in the Free-Roaming Area.”
– Dave Meadows, assistant curator

“I want to pass along my appreciation for everything Tracy does. She’s such a calming presence during our sometimes stressful vet procedures. She’s always willing to lend a hand and assist in things that are sometimes outside of her usual job duties. I’m so grateful to have her on our animal care team.”
– Carly, keeper

vet tech tracy cramer with van