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Photo Tours

elk shedding antlers
The perfect shot.
(Bring all your lenses.)

Love photography? Love wildlife? Then you’ll love our Photo Tour. With a maximum of 13 people, there’s even room on the tram to set up a monopod. We take out the windows for a clear shot. And our naturalist guides get you views of moose, elk, caribou and more that’ll take your breath away.

Tram and lake reflection in Free Roaming Area
All the details
(Get our your calendar.)

Age: 16+
Cost: $65 members/$70 non-members. Includes park admission and tram tour. Reservations required.
Tip: It gets chilly with the windows gone. Dress warmly.

8-10:30am: April 6, May 4, June 1, July 14, July 28, Aug. 6, Aug. 16, Aug. 18, Sept. 7, Oct. 27
9-11:30am: Nov. 9, Dec. 7, Dec. 15