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Photo Tours

The perfect shot.
(Bring all your lenses.)

Love photography? Love wildlife? Then you’ll love our Photo Tour around the Free-Roaming Area. With capped numbers, there’s even room on the tram to set up a monopod. We take out the windows for a clear shot. And our naturalist guides will look for views of moose, elk, caribou and more that’ll take your breath away.


All the details
(Get out your calendar.)

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED: Online, timed-ticketing only.
Cost: $125 members/$140 non-members. Includes park admission.
Capacity: Only 4 people per tour
Age: 16 and older
Tip: It gets cool without the windows. Dress warmly.
2022 upcoming dates: April 16, May 7, June 4, July 10, July 23, August 2, August 12, August 14, September 3, October 9, November 5, December 3