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Explore Northwest Trek
Close to nature.

Welcome to Northwest Trek! We’re excited to see you with a park experience that gets you up close to animals and nature.

Come reconnect with wildlife, and feel the wonder all over again.

Wild Drive tours
Come see our Free-Roaming Area from the comfort of your own car! Advance bookings only.
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Keeper Adventure Tours
Climb into the keeper Jeep, hear stories and get up close to animals.
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Animal walking paths
Walk the paths to meet animals in our central habitats! (NOTE: Tram tours are temporarily halted.)
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Kids' Trek
Our nature-inspired playground is open! Climb, jump, run.
Do Online Wildlife Academy, Virtual Super Scouts or Nature at Home.
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Community Science
Bat counts, stewardship, amphibian surveys. Find your inner scientist.
Native plants at Northwest Trek, foraging resources and more.
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