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Keeper Adventure Tours

They're Back!

Our incredibly popular Keeper Adventure Tours are back with extra safety precautions to keep everyone healthy. Hop in the Jeep for the animal experience of a lifetime!

keeper tour with elk
Keeper Adventure Tours
Close enough to hear a moose munch.

Want to get up close and personal with a moose? Stare down a bison? Then hop in the Jeep with one of our keepers, get off-road and bring your household on a 90-minute animal adventure they’ll never forget.

Now back with extra safety precautions! A clear plastic barrier and social distancing between you and our keeper-driver, full cleaning and sanitizing and one household only per vehicle keeps everyone healthy. A wireless speaker lets you hear all the stories!

KAT jeep winter
All the details
(Get out your calendar.)

Age: 5 and up
Cost: $400/vehicle – your entire household! Includes park admission (up to $100 value).
Dates/Times: 10:30am and 1pm Fri-Sun
Safety: Single household only (up to 5 people). Face coverings must be worn.

Accessibility: Due to the nature of the tours, Keeper Adventure Tour guests must be able to step onto a high running board or step stool and then climb into the Jeep, using handholds to pull themselves into the seating area, which is raised higher than on most vehicles.

Wild Drive Tours
Safe, fun, awesome.

Can’t book a Keeper Adventure tour? Come drive your own car around the Free-Roaming Area in one of our unique Wild Drive premier tours! See moose, bison, elk and more from the safety and comfort of your own car.

Online bookings now available.