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Elk Bugling Tours

Elk Bugling Tours

During the the Rut, you’ll see (and hear) elk putting on a show to find their mates. Experience this unique event in September and October with a special two-hour, keeper-guided Jeep tour through our Free-Roaming Area.

Tours are sold out for 2023.

elk sparring
Bugling, sparring, clashing
Get out in the rut

Ever heard the eerie sound of an elk bugling? The loud clash of antlers? If you’ve been to Northwest Trek during the “Rut” (breeding season), you’ll never forget it. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for bugling calls, sparring and more.

keeper tour with elk
A keeper Jeep
With front row seats

Ages: All guests must be 10 or older to participate. Guests 10-15 years old must be accompanied by an adult.
Time: 8-10 am
Cost: $95 members/$110 non-members. Includes park admission. Reservations required. Limit 8 people per tour.