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Free-Roaming Area

Forest. Meadow. Hills. A tranquil lake. Our Free-Roaming Area is a 435-acre Northwest paradise for herds of Roosevelt elk, bison, moose, caribou, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, swans and deer. Take a Discovery Tram Tour or keeper tour and be awed by nature at its best.

NOTE: Our caribou have moved behind the scenes for their safety during elk rut. They’ll be back next spring.

Find your nature.

Take a Discovery Tram Tour and revel in some of the most glorious Northwest landscapes. We’ve even got a mountain in our backyard.

Tram and lake reflection in Free Roaming Area

Shimmery in summer. Misty in fall. Our lake is gorgeous, visible as your tram rounds the bend or from the deck of the Hellyer Center at your private event. And it’s home to wildlife: frogs, salamanders, insects, swans and even bald eagles who swoop to hunt fish below its pristine surface.

Deer in forest in Free Roaming Area
The essence of Northwest.

Towering evergreens. Fall colors. Spring wildflowers. Our forests are teeming with life – and make great photo ops for our deer, moose and elk.

Meadow with sheep
A place to play.

Frolicking bighorn sheep? Yep. Sparring elk? Check. Grazing deer or bison? Got ’em. Our meadows make the perfect place to watch animals in the Free Roaming Area, with a broad expanse that shifts color with the seasons.

Free-Roaming Stories
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All aboard the Keeper Adventure Tour!
Bison grunt and snort. A caribou calf nurses noisily. And guests on the Keeper Adventure Tour are feet away.
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