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Animal Care

We care for animals.

And you can see that care every day, from dedicated keepers to highly trained veterinarians. Our animals get regular medical check-ups and cutting-edge treatment. We’re constantly exploring new ways to enrich their diet and play, and help them feel comfortable.

Read our stories to dive deeper.

eagle on snag
Eagle Move-In Day
Finding a home.

Q: What does it take to move bald eagles into a new home?

A: An expert keeper and animal care team – and plenty of patience.

It was the week of the Eagle Passage Grand Opening, and two of Northwest Trek’s new bald eagles were ready to move in.

keeper feeding moose
Zookeeper life: Dave Meadows
Not your typical job.

Dave Meadows swings into the keeper truck with the ease of someone who’s been doing it for 25 years. As he pulls slowly through the gate into the Free-Roaming Area, he’s already on duty. Alert eyes scan the road ahead and forest to either side. It’s something he’ll be doing constantly over the next two hours as keeper of the Free-Roaming Area.

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