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Animal Care

We care for animals.

And you can see that care every day, from dedicated keepers to highly trained veterinarians. Our animals get regular medical check-ups and cutting-edge treatment. We’re constantly exploring new ways to enrich their diet and play, and help them feel comfortable.

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Veterinarian Dr. Allison Case does a cougar exam
When Your Cougar Needs a Physical
Wellness exams - for wildlife.

When you need an annual physical, you take yourself to the doctor. If it’s time for your dog’s annual check-up, you go to the vet.
But what do you do for a lynx? A bison? A black bear?
At Northwest Trek, we want our animals to be as healthy as possible, and that means regular wellness exams, just like pets or people. But with a wild animal, a vet has to be creative – and collaborative – about checking health signs.

Dr. Allison Case veterinarian
Dr. Allison Case: Skiier, fly fisher, veterinarian.
Not your typical job.

She’s a staff member most visitors to Northwest Trek will never see – yet she’s vital to the well-being of every single animal in the Eatonville wildlife park. She’s had a career that’s included everything from ski racing to cattle driving. She’s Dr. Allison Case, head veterinarian at Northwest Trek, and her life is a unique intersection of three things: a passion for wildlife, a passion for the outdoors and a love of learning.

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