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How You Can Help

The earth needs all of us to help save wildlife.

Luckily, there’s a lot you can do to help, from big to small. Donations, volunteering, Northwest Trek membership, citizen science and supporting conservation campaigns are all ways to help protect wildlife.

Most of all, we just need you to learn – and care.

Start now.

Volunteer at activity table
Make a difference. In person.

When you volunteer at Northwest Trek, you aren’t just having fun working outdoors in a beautiful park. Or learning constantly about animals and plants in the Northwest.
You’re helping our visitors truly experience nature by assisting at events, staffing our animal discovery carts, doing citizen science and conservation, or helping our horticulturalist with plantings. You’re also helping us help animals, both in the park and in the wild.
In other words, you’re making a difference.

sunlit forest
Give back to nature.

Northwest Trek needs you. We began from an incredibly generous donation of land from “Doc” and Connie Hellyer, and since then we’ve grown and thrived on the support of other generous people, companies and foundations.
From our Kids’ Trek playground to animal habitats and care, fun events and wider conservation, your donations help us help wildlife.

Family on forest path
Become a member
Join the herd.

Becoming a member isn’t just about seeing amazing animals for free, all year long. Nor is it just about the perks – though they’re pretty awesome.
No, membership at Northwest Trek is about helping us help wildlife. Your membership fee gives us the stability to plan long-term, attract other support and create a better environment for all animals.
We know you care about wildlife. Join us.

Woman in field with camera doing citizen science
Be a citizen scientist
Channel your inner nature nerd.

Do you love getting out in nature? Maybe getting your feet wet? Learning about animals and plants?
Then come do citizen science with us!
From NatureMapping with GPS to identifying frog calls, we’ve got something for everyone’s inner scientist.
The information you collect goes to help bigger organizations understand animals and habitat, and make good decisions on protecting both.

People releasing fisher in snowy forest for conservation
Support Conservation
Help us help wildlife.

It takes everyone to protect the planet. But sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.
Here at Northwest Trek we take on conservation projects that we know are vital, and where we can make a difference.
And we always need help. Supporting projects and learning about conservation issues from our staff and habitats are all ways you can make a difference too.
Start now.

Two kids recycling at Northwest Trek
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Your planet needs you.

Here at Northwest Trek we recycle everything we can, from office paper to animal food waste. You can do it too – it’s easy, and helps protect our planet for animals.

Every city or county has its own recycling rules: Contact your local city council. Or visit to search recycling locations by material type and zip code.

Finally, reuse items as much as you can. It takes all of us to protect the earth.

wolf in snow
Learn and Care

The more we learn about a person, the more we care. The same is true for animals. What they need to survive, how they behave – these are all things we can learn right here at Northwest Trek. Talk to a keeper at an animal Trailside Encounter. Explore animal artifacts inside our cabins. Take a Discovery Tram Tour to meet our free-roaming animals.
And visit our Trek News blog to read stories about conservation, animal care and life behind-the-scenes at Trek.