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Trams & Trails

Temporarily Unavailable

Due to Covid-19, our trams and many trails are temporarily unavailable.

Instead, reserve your space on the new Wild Drive premier tour around the Free-Roaming Area, where you can see moose, bison and more from the comfort and safety of your own car!

Or buy a ticket for the Wild Walk one-way paths around our core area to see bears, cats, wolves and other animals.

Come connect with wildlife all over again.

New Wild Walk Experience
Our new Wild Walk experience leads you along a one-way walking path around our core area.
Wild Walk
Discovery Tram Tours
Temporarily unavailable.

Meet a moose. Be awed by bison. Eyeball an elk.

Our Discovery Tram Tour is a unique way to see wildlife, taking you through our Free-Roaming Area: 435 acres of stunning meadows and forests with herds of Roosevelt elk, moose, bighorn sheep, caribou and more.

A friendly naturalist narrates each 40-minute tour, and every season offers something new. ToursĀ are free with admission or membership.

Temporarily unavailable due to Covid-19 restrictions.
Book a self-drive Wild Drive tour instead!>
Porcupine and people
Keeper Chats
Temporarily unavailable

See animals up close and talk to an animal keeper about how that species lives in the wild, what it eats and more. It’s a perfect opportunity to get to know our animals and ask questions.

Temporarily unavailable due to Covid-19 restrictions.
Meet our keepers online>
Cheney Discovery Center
Temporarily closed.

Discover Washington’s wildlife here! Use puppets to imitate animal behavior, watch a snake slither, or touch a fur pelts (activities can vary). Meet Northwest Trek’s smaller residents: gopher snake, Western toad, banana slug and newt.

Hands-on activities abound! Adults can help children discover the natural world at their own pace, with naturalists on hand to answer questions and offer take-home activities.

Temporarily closed due to Covid-19 restrictions.
Meet Cheney creatures online >
family at Baker center
E. H. Baker Cabin
Temporarily closed.

Step inside this cozy forest cabin to get an up-close look at our wolf pack and learn more about how you can do science every day.

Feel the softness of a real pelt, talk to our naturalist or climb into the tunnel to get nose-to-nose with a gray wolf! (Activities vary.)

Temporarily closed due to Covid-19 restrictions.
Meet our wolves online >
All trails currently closed