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Alces alces americanus

Long ears, long legs, and that nose! Our North American moose are crowd-pleasers in the Free-Roaming Area. They love nestling in the bracken, where they blend into the shadows – quite a feat for the tallest wild animal in North America!

willow moose face
Moose life
(It's all in the family.)

Our moose Willow and Aspen live in the Free-Roaming Area.

Meet our Moose
Tall, long
and broad

One of the deer family, the moose is the tallest wild animal in North America, growing up to 10.5 feet long and 7.5 feet high.

They have long legs, broad antlers, a wide muzzle and that distinctive dewlap under a short neck.

and swimming

Moose are ruminants - they can ferment their food in a special stomach, eating up to 60lb of leafy browse per day!

They also like to eat underwater plants, and will swim to find them. They live in swampy or forested mountain areas of Alaska, Canada and the northern U.S.

Stand back
I like my solitude.

They are usually solitary animals. Cows with calves and bulls in rut can be very aggressive.

Moose cows give birth once a year, first to a single calf and then, usually, to twins.