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Sundew Arrives at Northwest Trek
May 9, 2023

Did you know skunks are seen often in Washington state? If you haven’t spotted one yet, you’ll soon be able to see one at Northwest Trek Wildlife Park!

Coming to us from Smithsonian’s National Zoo, Sundew is a male striped skunk. He’s a year old and adjusting well to his new home. Already showing us his playful personality, Sundew loves strawberries and carrots. But he’s been known to leave his veggies for last.

After a short-term quarantine, our veterinary staff brought Sundew into the health clinic for his wellness exam.

During his exam, Sundew had routine blood work done to gain a deeper insight into his health. He received vaccines for rabies and distemper. And X-rays were taken to check his bone density.

To keep his appearance in top shape, keeper Wendy gave him a nail trim and shampooed his tail. Dr. Ellen examined his eyes, ears and mouth. His fur is “nice and thick, and he is in good health,” she said.

Our keepers will make updates to Sundew’s comfortable and stimulating habitat for the next few weeks so you can observe him in his natural element. We’ll announce when Sundew is out for public view. In the meantime, he’ll continue to snack on apple blossoms and get to know his keepers behind-the-scenes.