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Dear Santa: An Animal Wish List

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Dear Santa: An Animal Wish List
November 29, 2022

What would you ask Santa for these holidays if you were a moose? Or a bald eagle? Of course we can’t know what our animals are thinking, and we do give them plenty of holiday enrichment treats at Winter Wildland. But we can definitely make some fun guesses based on what they enjoy doing or eating!
Here’s a Northwest Trek wish-list for Santa from some of our animals.

Let’s hope the guy in the red suit comes through…


Dear Santa,

The holidays are here, and apparently you give gifts on request. Well, here is my request: Peace and quiet. I don’t mean to be a Grinch but we moose are usually solitary animals, and avoid crowds.

Mostly we try to blend in with the forest, if people are looking for us. It’s not easy when you’re the tallest wild animal species in North America. But that is what we would like for the holidays. Thank you.

Moose Calves


Bald eagle

Dear Santa,

So you’re bringing gifts, huh? Right. Here’s what I want – a nice fat frozen rat. Yep. Sounds gross to you humans, but honestly it’s the best dinner ever. Just lay it on my perch, will you?

You might think, since I lost one wing, that I’d like another one. No, sir. I’m doing just fine in my new home here. My name means Spirit Warrior, and I’m a survivor. So just bring the rat, all right?





Hi Santa!

Guess what we want for the holidays? Snow!! Maybe you thought we were going to say food? Well, of course, we love food. But our keepers give us plenty of that every day.

They sometimes give us frozen treats, but they can’t control the weather.

With our big feet and thick coats, we’re built for winter – so let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

Rainier and Ahma

Cougar and present at Winter WildlandCougar

Hmm, Santa,

I’m not sure about all this Santa stuff. I’m pretty wary of humans in general, except for my keeper Haley. I also think I could take down any of your little reindeer, so watch out.

But since I’m asking for a gift, just bring me anything I can stalk. I AM a cat, you know.

Meat, bones, balls. Live squirrels. Not kidding.


River otter

Hi Santa!

We’re so excited, the holidays are here! And here’s what we want: fish, fish, fish! Plus anything we can roll into the water and play with. (Fish balls?) Those pumpkins were pretty awesome to roll around last fall!

But fish are best. Yep, fish. Thanks so much!!

Blakeley and Oakley


slug on holiday ornament

Banana slug

Hello Santa,

I don’t ask for much. I’m a slug. I move slowly. Some people get all excited about holiday ornaments and festive food, but me? All I need is what people leave behind. You know, the yucky stuff. Droppings, dead leaves, decaying plants. There’s always plenty of that.

Just make sure you watch your step delivering your presents, and I’ll be fine.