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We Heart Bald Eagles

Salish and Sucia
Bonded together.

We heart bald eagles – especially our bonded pair, Salish and Sucia! Living in the Eagle Passage habitat with two more rescued bald eagles, they get along well. Keep scrolling for fun facts, videos and stories!

Salish the bald eagle
Bonded - not mated
Still together.

Salish (male) and Sucia (female) live together as a bonded pair – this means they share space but don’t mate. They were already bonded when they arrived at Northwest Trek in 2018. Bald eagles bond or mate with the same partner their whole lives, which can be 20  years in the wild. (That’s Salish in the photo.)

bald eagle sucia in leaves
What do eagles love?
Perching up high.

Bald eagles have incredibly good eyesight, and hunt small mammals and fish. They need high perches to spot their prey, as well as to feel secure and build nests. All our eagles were injured in the wild, so we’ve built special log ramps to let them climb high while staying safe. (That’s Sucia in the photo.)

Fun facts
about bald eagles
  • Since time immemorial the bald eagle has appeared in Native American stories, traditions and religious ceremonies.
  • It was adopted as America’s national symbol in 1782.
  • They nearly went extinct in the 20th century due to hunting, habitat loss and the pesticide DDT.
  • Widespread community action from banning DDT and enacting laws have helped the species recover.