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10 Ways to Play Wild

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10 Ways to Play Wild at Northwest Trek
May 29, 2019

man on zipline in trees

Soar like an eagle on a zip line

Our bald eagles are coming this summer to Eagle Passage, and you can swoop with the same grace and speed (well, almost) on one of our five exhilarating zip line course, from Super Kid (ages 5 and up) through Sensation (ages 18+).

Book here.


Build like a beaver at Kids’ Trek

girl building with sticksBeavers are nature’s engineers, reshaping their environment to build dams and lodges.

Build a fort of branches in our Kids’ Trek playground and test out your engineering skills! Then come visit our beavers in the Forest+Wetland habitat, resting, swimming or building.

Free with park admission.

More info here.


Roam like an elk around our trails

Elk in forest at Northwest Trek best oneOur elk roam in herds around our 435-acre Free-Roaming Area. You can explore that on a Discovery Tram Tour, but you can do your own roaming on our nature trails. Five miles of paved and primitive paths lead you through lush green Northwest forest.

Try a Quest or Fairy Trail!

Learn more here.


Hide like a fox in our tunnels

girl in tunnel at Kids TrekIt takes patience to spot a fox – they love hiding in their network of tunnels.

Make like a fox at Kids’ Trek, with tunnels on the ground, high up and even inside a giant “tree trunk”!

More about foxes


Splash like a grizzly in the stream

brown grizzly cub splashingHuckleberry and Hawthorne, our grizzly cubs, love splashing around in their stream-fed pool – and that’s exactly what kids can do in the Kids’ Trek stream all summer long. Parent pro-tip: Bring dry clothes.

Meet our grizzlies.

Climb like a cat on Zip Wild

woman climbing ropes on zip lineA 14- or 30-foot climbing wall, a Monkey Bridge, a cargo net or Andes Bridge between trees – channel your inner cougar or bobcat as you climb the obstacles up towering evergreens on our Zip Wild course.

Both of these native big cats are champions at tree climbing and hunting.

Book here, or meet our cats.


Slip like a slug down the slides

Boy in slide for field tripOkay, so you might go just a tiny bit faster than a slug. But our Kids’ Trek slides let you slip and wiggle to your heart’s delight – without the slime, of course.

Then go visit our banana slug in the Cheney Discovery Center – and don’t forget to climb on the giant slug sculpture for a photo!


Leap like a lynx on a log

lynxCanada lynx have enormous paws for hunting on snow, stalking silently before a final rush to capture their favorite prey – the snowshoe hare.

Try out your leaping agility on our logs and stumps in the Kids’ Trek playground!

Meet our lynx.


Clamber like a raccoon on our ropes

sensory girl playing ropesAgile and curious, raccoons are also excellent climbers. See how dexterous you can be on the rope bridges and nets in our Kids’ Trek playground, testing your balance like they do (without that distinctive ringed tail, of course.)

Learn about raccoons.


Munch like a bison in the meadow

Bison mom and calfHungry from all that play? In the wild, bison can eat up to 24 pounds of grassy food every day, using their four stomachs to digest it all!

Munch your lunch in our picnic pavilion, meadow or Forest Café tables. See the menu here.

Find our bison.