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Aug 26, 2019

It’s that perfect time of year – summer in the Pacific Northwest. But if you’re looking for ways to cool off, look no further than Northwest Trek. Not only do we have animals that love to beat the heat (the moose swim in the lake, the grizzly cubs splash in the pool and the elk just hang out in the shade), we have plenty of tips for humans too! Here are seven ways you can cool off this summer at Northwest Trek. 1. Feel the breeze on our Keeper Adventure Tour Jeep Our Keeper Adventure Tours get you off road …

May 29, 2019

Soar like an eagle on a zip line Our bald eagles are coming this summer to Eagle Passage, and you can swoop with the same grace and speed (well, almost) on one of our five exhilarating zip line course, from Super Kid (ages 5 and up) through Sensation (ages 18+). Book here.   Build like a beaver at Kids’ Trek Beavers are nature’s engineers, reshaping their environment to build dams and lodges. Build a fort of branches in our Kids’ Trek playground and test out your engineering skills! Then come visit our beavers in the Forest+Wetland habitat, resting, swimming or …