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We Heart Lynxes

Omak & Nuka
Bonded together

We heart lynxes – especially Omak and Nuka! The two cats get along really well. Keep scrolling for fun facts, videos and stories!

two lynxes circling
Bonded - not mated
Still together.

Nuka (female) and Omak (male) live together as a bonded pair for most of the year – this means they share space but don’t mate. Maybe one day… In the meantime, they like play-chasing each other around and even sharing enrichment items. During breeding season in late winter and spring, they take turns enjoying their forested habitat.

What do lynxes love?
Hunting and treats.

So what do our lynxes love to do?

Nuka likes stalking birds, and keepers too! She follows them as they work, hiding behind trees.

Omak’s favorite treat is chicken gizzards – if a keeper has them, he’ll pay more attention!

Fun facts
about lynxes
  • A lynx’s large paws support it like snowshoes when walking over deep snow.
  • Not a fast, long-distance runner, it usually ambushes or silently stalks its prey, relying on a surprise rush for capture.
  • They eat snowshoe hare, plus small mammals, birds, reptiles, invertebrates and occasionally deer.
  • After a 2-month pregnancy, females give birth to a litter of 1-8 kittens weighing only a few ounces.