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Mar 26, 2024

During gray wolf Canagan’s triennial examination in November, Northwest Trek Wildlife Park’s head veterinarian, Dr. Allison Case, identified an infection in one of his molars. Canagan was given antibiotics while Dr. Case consulted with a veterinary dentist. Together, they decided the tooth needed to be extracted. Wolf molars are one of the more difficult teeth to extract – they are big with two extra-large roots. Associate Veterinarian Dr. Cassidy Soehnlein was tasked with the tough job. As Dr. Soehnlein and Veterinary Technician Tracy intubated Canagan and got him settled under anesthesia, Dr. Case and keeper Haley also took the opportunity …

Feb 19, 2020

As any dog-owner knows, canine animals explore with their mouths. They lick. They chew things they shouldn’t. And sometimes, they eat things they shouldn’t. But it was still a surprise when Northwest Trek veterinary staff discovered that Darci the gray wolf had accidentally swallowed a rock. What was amazing was how it came out – and how Darci helped them every step of the way. X-rays and Crates “Hi, Darci, you’re okay. There’s a good girl,” called keeper Haley Withers, peeking through the window of a large metal crate in the back of a van. A black nose appeared at …

Nov 27, 2019

Northwest Trek Wildlife Park’s three gray wolves were given a clean bill of health at their triennial exams last week.   “Tala weighs 39.1 kilograms or about 86 pounds,” said head veterinarian, Dr. Allison Case.   On average, gray wolves weigh 75 to 110 pounds. That meant 7-year-old Tala, a gray wolf with a white coat, was already on the right track to a healthy doctor’s appointment.   Dr. Case made sure Tala’s exam was as comfortable as possible. She put down a warm blanket, gave her eye drops and sprayed her tongue with water.   “It’s all about the …