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GRAY WOLVES pass health exams

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GRAY WOLVES pass health exams
November 27, 2019

Northwest Trek Wildlife Park’s three gray wolves were given a clean bill of health at their triennial exams last week.


“Tala weighs 39.1 kilograms or about 86 pounds,” said head veterinarian, Dr. Allison Case.


Tala receives her triennial exam

On average, gray wolves weigh 75 to 110 pounds. That meant 7-year-old Tala, a gray wolf with a white coat, was already on the right track to a healthy doctor’s appointment.


Dr. Case made sure Tala’s exam was as comfortable as possible. She put down a warm blanket, gave her eye drops and sprayed her tongue with water.


“It’s all about the well-being of our animals. We want to make sure her eyes and mouth aren’t dry when she wakes up from the anesthesia,” said Dr. Case.


Dr. Allison Case gives Tala eye drops to keep her comfortable

Tala received a full checkup: standard vaccinations, radiographs, a nail clipping and a dental cleaning.


Dr. Case specializes in zoo medicine, meaning she wears many different hats, dentist included.

Dr. Allison Case cleans Tala’s teeth


“She has the cleanest teeth of the three wolves,” said Dr. Case, as she scrubbed the tartar right off Tala’s teeth.  “And her ears are crystal clear! I’ve never even seen a domestic dog’s ears this clean.”


Tala and Dr. Case have a special bond. They met when Tala was just a pup.


“You should see her with me,” said Dr. Case. “We have a really great connection. I’m so glad she’s doing so well.”

Tala’s littermates, Darcina and Canagan, had their exams the day before.


“This is a very healthy bunch,” said Dr. Case.


Come out to Northwest Trek Wildlife Park and take a walk on the wild side to find our three gray wolves! Get up close and personal with them from inside the E.H. Baker Cabin. You might even catch a howl or two.