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May 21, 2021

Both the black bears and grizzly bears are well-awake from their winter naps and energetic in their habitats at Northwest Trek. The young grizzly buddies are playful and can often be seen splashing in their 7-foot deep pool, wrestling one another, head-butting their tubs and searching for hidden treats keepers have left them. The older black bears next door, while not as rambunctious with each other, can also be seen walking or running through their habitat and playing with enrichment from the keepers. It’s an exciting time of year for both the bears and the visitors who get to see …

Nov 19, 2020

The black bears at Northwest Trek are slowing down and getting ready for their winter naps, also known as torpor. During torpor, a bear’s body temperature, respiratory rate and metabolic rates all decrease to conserve energy. The bears can maintain this low-energy sleeping state for days, weeks or even months without having much activity outside of their den, including eating and going to the bathroom. Northwest Trek’s black bears, Benton and Fern, typically go into torpor from November until February or March. They do have periods of activity during the winter months, where they will eat, defecate/urinate and remake their …