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Jun 17, 2022

It’s baby season at Northwest Trek Wildlife Park. Guests can try and spot three Roosevelt elk calves and six black-tailed deer fawns in the 435-acre Free-Roaming Area during a Wild Drive or Keeper Adventure Tour. Plus, an added bonus: wild goslings and ducklings occasionally making an appearance. “We expect even more births this spring and summer,” said Assistant Curator Dave Meadows. “It’s fun to watch the newborns as they grow, sticking very close to their mothers at first and later gaining the confidence to venture a bit farther away.” Roosevelt elk (named for President Theodore Roosevelt) are social, polygamous members …

Jun 07, 2021

Northwest Trek’s springtime baby animal boom is on! A mountain goat kid, three elk calves and three bighorn sheep lambs were all born in May at the wildlife park and can be spotted in the 435-acre Free-Roaming Area. More animal births are still expected as well. Over the Memorial Day weekend, the mountain goat kid was born to 3-year-old mom, Bailey. Zoological Curator Marc Heinzman said keepers are closely monitoring the new family. “Keepers have seen the kid nursing and spending time moving around with its mother Bailey,” said Heinzman. “The pair is spending a lot of their time up …

Jun 28, 2019

Forget the ugly duckling. These cygnets are only a week old, and already beautiful. But the six baby swans, which hatched early June at Northwest Trek, aren’t just pint-sized bundles of fluffy gray cuteness. They’re part of a success story for trumpeter swans in North America, helping the species flourish in the wild. “This year we had six cygnets, which is more than we’ve had in years,” said curator Marc Heinzman. “It’s great to see such a healthy population here.” Paired for life, breeding for the future The new cygnets were hatched to the wildlife park’s breeding pair of swans, …