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Top Rainy Day Activities at Northwest Trek
January 18, 2024

When it’s wet and cold outside, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Northwest Trek Wildlife Park and meet amazing animals!

Step inside the E.H. Baker Cabin

Step inside the cozy forest cabin to get an up-close look at the gray wolf pack. Climb into a tunnel to get nose-to-nose with a gray wolf (through a window). You might even catch a howl or two!

Visit the Cheney Discovery Center

Guests of all ages will discover a tiny world of reptiles and amphibians like a gopher snake, northern leopard frogs, rough-skinned news, and more inside the Cheney Discovery Center. While the animals are fun to watch, there is plenty more to do, including an activity table with games and puzzles, a puppet theater, and a reading nook.

Cheney center

See Forest & Wetlands Animals 

Don’t let the name fool you! You can see all the Forest & Wetlands animals from a covered walkway. What will you find? A fluffy marmot, adorable badgers, a splashing beaver, and more!

Take a Wild Drive or Keeper Adventure Tour

Hop in your personal vehicle and experience a Wild Drive through the park’s 435-acre Free-Roaming Area past bison, mountain goats, Roosevelt elk, black-tailed deer, a Trumpeter swan, moose, caribou, and bighorn sheep. Or, go off-road in a Jeep on a Keeper Adventure Tour. In both experiences, you will learn from a naturalist or keeper about the species you see and what makes them unique.

Note: The electric tram tours are suspended until further notice due to maintenance issues.

Staying Dry

Many viewing platforms (bobcat, lynx, cougar, wolverine, red fox, gray wolf, grizzly bears, and black bear) are covered. Rent an umbrella at the front gate as you walk to each habitat. Afterward, dry off and warm up inside the Forest Café, where you can order lunch and a hot cocoa.

We look forward to seeing you soon, rain or shine!