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Nancy the moose gets a check-up

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Veterinary staff treats moose for UTI
February 6, 2020

Eatonville, Wash.—There is little that will get in the way of a veterinarian taking care of an animal in need. Heavy rain, cold temperatures and mud certainly did not stop Northwest Trek’s head veterinarian Dr. Allison Case from paying Nancy the moose a special visit.

Keepers are constantly monitoring the animals’ behavior and observed Nancy having difficultly urinating. One call to Dr. Case and she was on her way out to the 435-acre Free-Roaming Area to check on Nancy. Keepers set up a canopy to keep Nancy dry and comfortable. A bed for Nancy was made out of hay bales and a cushioned sleeping pad.

veterinary staff works on moose
Nancy the moose gets a special visit from the Northwest Trek veterinary staff

While Nancy lay anesthetized, Dr. Case and veterinary technician Tracy Cramer went to work.

Dr. Case and Cramer collected blood and urine samples, treated Nancy with antibiotics for a suspected urinary tract infection, and while they had the chance, they cleaned Nancy’s hooves and ears.

Moose gets exam
Veterinary staff cleans Nancy’s ears

Then they waited for Nancy to wake up, and watched her carefully as she walked off into the trees.

veterinary staff watches a moose
Veterinary staff watches as Nancy walks off into the woods

A few days later, lab results confirmed what Dr. Case expected: Nancy did indeed have a mild UTI.

Dr. Case and keepers continue to monitor Nancy, but say she seems to be feeling much better.