DonateNowYour tax-deductible gifts enable Northwest Trek to add new programs and exhibits, upgrade old ones, purchase new equipment, increase conservation and research efforts, and move ahead in various ways beyond normal operations and maintenance.

Explore the options below to discover ways you can help secure the future of Northwest Trek. Another option is Everyday Giving, which allows you to help us earn donations just by shopping at Fred Meyer or through

NEW! - Champions Challenge: The Northwest Trek Foundation is raising $40,000 in 40 days to celebrate Northwest Trek's 40th birthday. This Champions Challenge will support the development of Kids' Trek. Each Champion makes a pledge to raise at least $1,000 through individual fundraisers like walks, runs, garage sales, and car washes. If you would like to become a Champion, or find one to support, contact Tyra Larson at 360-832-7165 or donate here.

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Animal Enrichment

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David E. Ellis Conservation Fund

  • Endangered species recovery
  • Animal health care
  • Animal exhibits
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General Fund/
Greatest Need

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Kids' Trek

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Tributes & Memorials

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Corporate Sponsorship

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Endowment Fund
& Planned Giving

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Non-Cash &
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