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Red Fox

Vulpes vulpes

The hint of tawny fur. Two pricked ears. Our five foxes aren’t always easy to spot – but on sunny days they love to rest in dappled shade. Come meet them.

two foxes
Rescued as pups
and given a new home.

All five of our foxes were rescued from the wild in Idaho. Born around April 2013, they arrived as young pups, and were given a new, caring home. Since then they’ve dug an extensive den network under their forested habitat.

Mostly shy
but interested in treats.

The foxes are mostly shy animals who prefer the company of their own siblings to humans. But they’re willing to come to keepers for yummy treats, like mice or chicks. And whenever some work is done in their habitat, Jack will always come out and voice his opinion, barking loudly.

Meet our foxes