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Wild Animal Eye Spy

Spot the wildlife

Can you spy the wild animals in our camera-trap photos?

Learn how to ID coyotes, squirrels, deer, birds and raccoons – then spot them in photos from real-life camera traps hidden around Pierce County for the Grit City Carnivore Project.

Coyote on city sidewalk
What's the Grit City Carnivore Project?
Community wildlife data.

The Grit City Carnivore Project is a group of scientists from the University of Washington Tacoma, Point Defiance Zoo and Northwest Trek Wildlife Park. We research urban wildlife, specifically coyotes and raccoons. We use many tools to observe them including camera traps.



camera trap graphic
What's a camera trap?
(Captures photos only.)

A camera trap is a camera attached to a tree and aimed at a path wildlife use. As animals walk past the camera, a motion sensor tells the camera to take a picture. We then use all the pictures to learn what different types of wildlife are in an area and when they are active.

Do the Activity
Wild Animal Eye Spy

Ready to do the Eye Spy?

  1. Download the Eye Spy Worksheet You can also write the answers on your own piece of paper.
  2. Study the field guide below to learn to ID each animal.
  3. Look carefully at the camera trap photo gallery to spot the animal in each image. (Tip: You may need to zoom in!)
  4. Write down your answers.
  5. Explore the extra questions in the worksheet.
  6. Download the Eye Spy Answer Sheet and see how you did!
Field Guide
Camera Trap Photo Gallery
Can you spy the animal?
Start here! Click on the first image to start the gallery.