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Sep 05, 2019

At Northwest Trek, fall is a magical time. A palette of bronze sweeps the hillsides. Golden light streams through the trees. Dust rises from bison, rolling and sparring. And through the forest comes an eerie, haunting whistle – the sound of elk bugling. The rut – mating season – runs September-October. Out in the Free Roaming Area, male elk, bison and bighorn sheep vie for dominance and select their mates. The perfect way to experience this magic up close? An Elk Bugling Tour. But with just eight tour dates, you don’t want to wait. Book your seat here. See the …

Aug 26, 2019

It’s that perfect time of year – summer in the Pacific Northwest. But if you’re looking for ways to cool off, look no further than Northwest Trek. Not only do we have animals that love to beat the heat (the moose swim in the lake, the grizzly cubs splash in the pool and the elk just hang out in the shade), we have plenty of tips for humans too! Here are seven ways you can cool off this summer at Northwest Trek. 1. Feel the breeze on our Keeper Adventure Tour Jeep Our Keeper Adventure Tours get you off road …

Apr 07, 2019

Your perfect wildlife shot.
$88/$93. April 7

Dec 16, 2018

Get the perfect wildlife shot.
$65/$70. Dec. 16. Reserve now.

Dec 08, 2018

Get the perfect wildlife shot.
$65/$70. Dec. 8. Reserve now.

Nov 10, 2018

Get the perfect wildlife shot.
$65/$70. Nov. 10 Reserve now.

Jul 24, 2018

Bison grunt and snort. A caribou calf nurses noisily, its mother calmly munching on grass. The sweet scents of the meadow mingle with more earthy smells as herds of animals pass by. And Northwest Trek Wildlife Park guests are amazingly in the middle of the action, getting closer to the animals of the Free-Roaming Area than ever before aboard a specially equipped Jeep. They’re on a brand new Keeper Adventure Tour. This intimate experience, which takes wildlife park guests on the paved roads rarely traveled, on gravel tracks and occasionally even off-road, opens to the public on Thursday, July 26. …