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Jul 23, 2024

The 2024 Summer Olympics are starting this week, and our animals are joining in to show off their unique skills and talents. See who we think would win gold in the Zoolympics! These siblings duel and play together. Hawthorne and Huckleberry love to show off their powerful boxing and wrestling moves. Bald eagles have incredible grip strength to help them catch and hold their prey or get to higher branches. Our bald eagles are flightless due to injuries but use their claws to reach new heights! True fencing experts, the elk bulls use their antlers during rut (breeding) season to …

Jul 08, 2024

Summer is in full swing, and temperatures are soaring into the 90s this week. Here’s what Northwest Trek Wildlife Park keepers are doing to help the animals beat the heat. The river otters, badgers, skunks, and beavers enjoy fruit, goat milk, or popsicles. Many animals also have additional air conditioning or fans in their behind-the-scenes bedrooms. The wolves have misters around their habitat and a fan in their den, and they also receive whole prey popsicles daily.  All the cats, like the lynx, bobcats, and cougar, get goat’s milk popsicles. The black bears and grizzly bears enjoy fish-sicles and splashing …

Jan 10, 2024

One of Northwest Trek Wildlife Park’s resident river otters, Blakely, recently had a dentist appointment to fix a fractured tooth. Blakely traveled with Northwest Trek’s head veterinarian, Dr. Allison Case, to sister zoo Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium’s healthcare hospital for the exam. Typically, Blakely would be treated at Northwest Trek, but the dentist was already at Point Defiance Zoo treating a tiger for a similar dental issue. Dr. Alice Sievers, a board-certified veterinary dentist and one of only 250 veterinary dental specialists in the world, volunteered her time with veterinary assistant Sharon Ghormley and veterinary technician Taylor Parker, all …