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surplus of food and supplies

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surplus of food and supplies
April 17, 2020

While Northwest Trek Wildlife Park may be closed to the public, the animals in the park continue to receive exceptional care.

“Despite the concerns of the world, our animals are healthy and doing well,” said Zoological Curator Marc Heinzman. “Our head veterinarian and animal care team continue to work onsite and provide our animals with a high level of care every day during our temporary closure. “

Staff planned in advance for the pandemic, and currently have a surplus of essential food, medicines and medical supplies for the animals. That includes six months of meat, a year of fish, a year of hay, two months of grain and dry foods, a year of medicines and four months of veterinary supplies (syringes, bandages, etc.) The park continues to receive deliveries like normal and is able to currently maintain those levels.

We asked Free-Roaming Area keeper Deanna Edwards about the animals’ diets to give you an idea of just how much food the animals can eat in one day.

“Each of our four moose gets one full bucket, or 25 pounds, of high fiber pellets,” said Edwards. “They also get romaine lettuce occasionally as a treat.”

mooes food
Keeper Deanna Edwards lines up buckets of food to feed the moose


In addition to their daily diets provided by the keepers, the animals can browse on fallen leaves, sticks, lichen and other natural items found in the 435-acre Free-Roaming Area.

“We continue to plan ahead to ensure we have essential food and supplies in coming months,” said Heinzman. “Caring for our animals is, and will always be, our top priority.”