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National Tattoo Day: Northwest Trek Edition

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National Tattoo Day: Northwest Trek Edition
July 14, 2022

For National Tattoo Day we are highlighting some of the unique animal and nature tattoos of Northwest Trek staff who care for our animals and connect our community to wildlife. Check out their beautiful tattoos and the inspiration behind them.

Tattoo Portraits - Education Curator Craig Standridge.

Craig, Education Curator

“I discovered the inspiration for this red wolf tattoo when I was working on the design for signs in the new Red Wolf Woods habitat at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. I found a dusty, mysterious scroll rolled up with this haunting and majestic image. There was no attribute to the artist, and no one on our team had any recollection of receiving the scroll or knew where it came from. “I believe the scroll found me, and it makes a magnificent reminder of what we strive for – a world in which animals like red wolves don’t just survive, they thrive.”

Tattoo Portraits - Naturalist Jessie Steele.

Jessie, Naturalist

“I decided to get a dragonfly tattoo after I graduated from Miami University with my Master’s degree in Biology. My program was called, “Project Dragonfly”, which focused on the importance of educating our communities on coexisting with wildlife. I did field work in Costa Rica during my last semester and seeing the biodiversity and habitat loss as well as the impact climate change has had on the local flora and fauna opened up my eyes to the critical need for conservation work. “That’s what my tattoo is a reminder of: to make a positive difference for wildlife in our world and spread that knowledge to my community.”

tatoo - Program Coordinator Rachael Mueller.

Rachael, Conservation Program Coordinator

“Gazing upon this image for the first time, I saw an incredible story of the human-nature connection, told in the most beautiful of expressions. “I chose this image to tattoo on my body as a reminder that we are all a part of this shared experience we call life on Earth, and to never lose my passion for the conservation of nature.”

Image Artist: Gregory Colbert, Tattoo Artist: Miko Mueller

Tattoo Portraits - Zookeeper Rebecca David.

Rebecca, Zookeeper

”I got my tattoo to celebrate graduating with my bachelor’s degree in terrestrial wildlife biology from the University of Montana. The tattoo features some of the charismatic fauna of North

America that I am passionate about, surrounded by anemone flowers symbolizing anticipation for what my new future holds and protection from ill will and evil.”

Tattoo Artist: Danny Schreiber

Trek Wildlife Park. Zookeeper Sunni Rice

Sunni, Zookeeper

“I got my tiger skull tattoo because my first animal care internship was working with big cats at Turpentine Creek in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. This tattoo means a lot to me because I got it at a very important time in my life.”

tattoo - Zookeeper Wendi Mello.

Wendi, Zookeeper

“My tattoo is of a madrone tree with an owl face hidden in a knothole. The madrones that grow on the ridge at Northwest Trek were the inspiration for the design. I was also going through some significant health issues with my back. I chose a tree to represent stability, nurturing, and endurance.”

Tattoo Artist: Kaptain Kutthroat