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Slug Fest

July 30 - 31, 2022 10:00AM - 3:00PM

May the slime be with you.
Free with admission. July 30-July 31

Slugs, slugs and more slugs!

Slip, slime & slugs

It's the most unusual Northwest Festival ever - a celebration of slugs. Guests can craft and wear their own tentacles to become a slug in preparation for the “Be a Slug” activity walk. Activities will include “How slow can you go?”, “Look out for slug predators!”, “How to Teach a Slug to Read” Story Walk, and other activities, too!

It's all about decomposition

Why do we have this zaniest of festivals? Well, if you've ever hiked a Northwest forest, you'll know our slugs are among the biggest and best - especially the yellow-green banana slug. But they're also vital to our ecosystem, breaking down organic matter and returning it to the forest floor, where it becomes food for our beautiful plants and trees. Long live slugs!

Going on a Slug Hunt
Stay cool - see cool animals

Remember - Wild Drive tours give you free admission to Slug Fest and core area animals, plus the chance to see elk, mountain goats and more from your air-conditioned car! Book now, spots limited.

Wild Drive