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Slug Fest

June 27 - 28, 2020 9:30AM - 5:00PM

Slip, slide, and slime at this truly Northwest festival! Free with admission.

May the slime be with you.

Slip, slide, slime.

It's the most unusual Northwest Festival ever - a celebration of slugs.

  • Take a tentacled tram, make your own tentacles.
  • Slide down a soapy track to victory in our Human Slug Race!
  • Meet critters up close, take selfies as a flower and find our giant slug statue to play on.
  • Find as many slugs as you can in the Tank o' Slugs.
  • Explore how slugs see, eat and smell at the Slug Tent.
  • Or follow the story on our Snail Trail and appreciate nature at a slower pace.
  • And don't forget to grab a "slug with slime on the side" (fried pickle with dressing) at the Forest Cafe!

  • It's all about decomposition.

    Why do we have this zaniest of festivals? Well, if you've ever hiked a Northwest forest, you'll know our slugs are among the biggest and best - especially the yellow-green banana slug. But they're also vital to our ecosystem, breaking down organic matter and returning it to the forest floor, where it becomes food for our beautiful plants and trees. Long live slugs!

    Going on a slug hunt

    As they go about their daily work on wet spring mornings, Northwest Trek keepers are looking out for slugs. Why? To temporarily inhabit the popular Tank o' Slugs at Slug Fest that helps us all discover more about these kings of the Northwest forest!

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