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Bear Camp

May 20 - 21, 2023 9:30AM - 5:00PM

Black and grizzly bears, "unsafe" camp sites, crafts and more!
Bear Camp

During Bear Camp May 20-21, guests can not only meet the grizzly and black bears, but learn all about them in a weekend full of bear-themed fun, including an "unsafe" campsite the black bears to explore.

The stars of Bear Camp will be grizzlies Hawthorne and Huckleberry, and black bears Benton and Fern, who will be showcased each day in keeper chats, feedings and the incredibly popular camp-site demonstration for the black bears. In between, all four bears will be their usual adorable selves: splashing in their pools, climbing logs, foraging, or just soaking up the sun.

Bears are incredible animals, native to the Northwest and really important for our ecosystem. But to protect them, we have to learn how to live with them. ‘Bear Camp’ helps us learn about and celebrate these amazing animals.