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Mystery Complete

What's out in the woods?
Making that noise?

Remember, we’ve been hearing all those spooky yelps and screams from out in the woods. Here’s what they sound like:

Those glowing eyes...

BONUS CLUE: While you were on your Haunted Hike, we found that one of our trail cameras snapped this picture of a mysterious figure in the woods.

Did you unscramble your letters yet?


howling coyote
You got it!
Congratulations - it's a COYOTE.

You’ve solved the Mystery of the Woods! The voices we have been hearing must be from coyotes! Coyotes are opportunistic hunters, and will sometimes form packs to hunt. They can be found in rural areas, suburbs and even the city. Although it might sound spooky at first, their howls sound awesome.

Knowing what we know now, we’re pretty sure the forest isn’t haunted after all.  But, maybe Bigfoot is still out there…!

Spot Coyotes
And live with wildlife.

We hope you continue to learn about the natural world so that we can confidently coexist with our animal neighbors.