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Protecting wildlife
by protecting land and water.

30×30 is a new national goal, supported by zoos and aquariums around the U.S., to protect at least 30% of U.S. land and water for wildlife by 2030. It’s part of a bigger global initiative to protect the same amount of our planet, by the same year.

Together we can reach this goal. Join us.

caribou calf
Why 30x30?
Saving endangered species.

Many animal and plant species on our Earth are endangered because they are losing their homes. Habitat protection is key to saving wildlife for the future. Protecting at least 30% of that habitat is the first step.

sea otter
Slow climate change
and build resistance.

Our ocean absorbs more heat than land, and stores much of our carbon. Creating marine-protected areas will help mitigate the catastrophic potential of climate change for all of us on this planet.

girl looking through binoculars
Ensure access to nature
For all Americans.

We need to ensure that all Americans — no matter their economic status, race or ethnicity — have access to the natural world. Collaboration and a willingness to listen and understand different perspectives will be essential to success.

elk in lake
Protect outdoor spaces
An American value.

We love our wild outdoor spaces. But today, only about 12% of U.S. lands and 23% of oceans are protected. If we step this up to 30% by 2030, we’ll be combatting the global nature crisis AND saving public lands for all to enjoy.

How to help
Start now.
How can you help our country – and our world – achieve the 30×30 goal?
  • Get informed. Download and read these fact sheets on land conservation and ocean conservation.
  • Spread the word. People make decisions based on information coming from trusted sources – this means YOU! Tell your friends, family, social networks. We’re all in this together.
  • Vote for leaders that will support the 30×30 goal. Tell your elected officials that it’s vitally important for you, them and our planet.