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2019 Donors

Our 2019 Donors
Thank you.

Danielle Anderson
Jeanie Archie
Eliot Atchison
Dan Belting
Ben B. Cheney Foundation
Patricia Beyer, In Memory of Harry J. Everett, Jr.
Lance Bierman
Thomas Blomberg
Boeing Co-Workers, In Memory of Jay Mitts
Boeing Matching Gift Program
Julia Bogardus, In Honor of Eliot Atchison
Brantley Janson Certified Public Accountants
Dawn & Jodie Brewer, In Memory of Glenice Clark
Jessica Brewer
Anita Buchholz and Family,
In Memory of Kenneth Buchholz
Jeri Burgess
Susan Canon, In Memory of Jay Mitts
Michele Cardinaux-Wallace
Glennda Cartner, In Memory of Jay Mitts
Dr. Allison Case
Carly Cerulli
Brianna Charbonnel
Chinook Roofing & Gutters
Ed Cleveland
Deanna Cole, In Honor of Jim Dunn
Deep Forest Challenge
Dorothy Cole
Coleman American Moving Services of WA
Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation
Constance Cote
Denette Cowan
Vickie Cowan
Cox Christmas Tree Farm
Tracy Cramer
Whitney DalBalcon
Brianne David, In Memory of Steve Irwin
Michelle Davis
Rick Dietz
Dimmer Family Foundation
Diane Dixon
Len & Cathy Eddinger
Theresa Edmonds
Deanna Edwards
Sandra Eliason
Mandy Ellerton, In Memory of Glenice Clark
Nancy Ellis
Harry J. Everett, III, In Memory of Harry J. Everett, Jr.
Jonathan & Jenna Fender
Ben Foster
Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program
Colby Gates
‘Bill & Norma Geenty
Greater Tacoma Community Foundation
Debi Gregory
James & Gayle Halmo
Alma Graf St. Lawrence, In Honor of Eliot Atchison
Carrie Graf, In Honor of Eliot Atchison
Karen Hansen, In Honor of Tim & Kari Mellema
Chip & Mary Heinz
Marc Heinzman
Constance A. Hellyer, In Honor of Doc & Connie
Tiffany Helm
Mary Henley
Mark & Joni Herwick
Riley Hill
Kent & Carolyn Hojem
Doug & Lisa Holm, In Memory of Jay Mitts
Virginia L. Holm, In Memory of Jay Mitts
Kiyoaky Hori & Patricia Palms
Sally Jackey
Brian Jarrell
Jeffrey D. Johnson
Nancy Johnson
Gary Kawahara, In Memory of Jay William Mitts
Desiree Kennedy
Keith & Linda Kimball
Scott Knox
Korum for Kids Foundation
Tyra Larson
Allison Lassin, In Memory of Jay Mitts
Tessa LaVergne
Trisha Lees
Nick Leuthold
Dave Lewis
Larry Licari
Jaye & Mark Lindeman, In Memory of Jay Mitts
Philip Linke
Stacey Luhring
Tammy Maines
Jeannie Marsh
Miranda Mauck
Peter Mayer
Douglas McClelland
D.V. & Ida McEachern Charitable Trust
Dave Meadows
Wendi Mello
Emily Menefee
Suzann Meyer, In Memory of Glenice Clark
James & Cheryl Miller, In Memory Glenice Clark
Gary Mitts, In Memory of Jay Mitts
Tamar Sylvan Mitts, In Memory of Jay Mitts
Jessica Moore
Sandra J. Moss
Rachael Mueller
Names Family Foundation
Kappy Names, In Memory of Scott and Sis
Samantha Nelson, In Memory of Cassidy Tamba
Richard & Rachel Nichols
Nisqually Indian Tribe
Oliver Family Living Trust
Kathleen Olson, In Memory of Dave Ellis
Jonathan & McKenna Ownby
Cynthia Palczer, In Memory of Margaret Forsyth
Sue Parks, In Memory of Jay Mitts
Patterson Family Trust
Brenna Peterson, In Honor of Vincent
Jeff Pickard
Aaron Pointer
Rosemary Ponnekanti
Jake Pool
Sandra Porterfield
Karen Povey
Donna Powell
Rainier AAZK Chapter
Emilie Reynolds
Penny Ridge
Emily Santiago
MacKenzie Schaefer
She Nah Nam Seafood Markets
Kris Sherman
South Hill Veterinary Hospital, PLLC
Marilyn Spring
Andrea Smith
Kristin & Hans Smith
Marilyn Spring
Nancy & William Stahl, In Honor of Jennifer Stahl
James & Janet Strong, In Memory of Jay Mitts
Julie Stryker
Jennifer & Charlie Sulcer, In Memory of Jay Mitts
Cameron J. Swift
Solomon & Katherine Sylvan,
In Honor of Jay William Mitts
Tacoma Sportsmen’s Club, Inc.
Shelby Taylor
Joy Tevis
The Old Cannery Furniture Warehouse, LLC
Diamanta Tornatore, In Honor of Eliot Atchison
Sheree Trefry
Kevin, Jen, Sarah & Josh Unrau
Edward & Denice Voss
Voss Chiropractic, PS
Catherine E. Wagner, In Honor of Jon G. Wagner &
Mary C. Nogare
Washington State Employees Combined Fund Drive
Jason Webber
Jami Wheeler
Julie Wilfong
B.J. Wilhite
Windermere Real Estate, Cathy Torgerson
Kirsten Winter, In Honor of Eliot Atchison
Haley Withers