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2020: Joys and Sorrows

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2020: Joys and Sorrows
December 30, 2020

Everyone agrees: 2020 was a really tough year. Covid-19 turned our world upside down, and many of us knew loss. Our Zoo/Northwest Trek had to close for months, and reopen with completely new ways of doing everything. Like so many, we lost money, and had to say goodbye to many staff members. We lost beloved animals to old age and illness. But to counter these very real sorrows, we had many joys, like connecting people safely with each other, animals and nature. Welcoming new animals into the world. Healing others from sickness. Winning Association of Zoos & Aquariums awards for conservation science. Reimagining ways to have fun and celebrate our planet.
So to 2020, we say a relieved farewell – but also a heartfelt thank-you, for a year of joys AND sorrows.

Wild drive car and bisonSorrows and Joys

  • Temporarily closing Northwest Trek…then reopening to bring joy
  • Stopping our trams for safety…but launching Wild Drive
  • Reducing staff…but caring daily for animals
  • Saying goodbye to Spruce and Nancy…and welcoming baby bison, elk and lambs
  • Cancelling Earth Day plans…and planting 260 trees in fall
  • No big events…but Haunted Hike and winter decorations!
  • No Bear Tracks event…but opening grizzly bear overlook
  • No school field trips…and virtual nature learning
02-27-2020 (Photo/Katie Cotterill) Northwest Trek Wildlife Park.
Huckleberry and Hawthorne under the new grizzly bear overlook.