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  • Open Wed-Sun: 9:30 am-4 pm
  • Closed Mon-Tue
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Experience the awe and wonder of Northwest nature and wildlife up close.

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Over 40 species of native Northwest animals live in our wildlife park. Find out what's open and closed.

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Online tickets, new hours and what to bring and expect.

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We are located in Eatonville, central to Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia. Plan your experience.

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We Conserve Wildlife

Since 1975, Northwest Trek Wildlife Park has been the best place to see native Northwest wildlife. But we're also dedicated to conserving that wildlife for our planet. We've been recognized for over 25 years of high standards by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums. And we protect wild habitats with earth-friendly practices.

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Grizzly bear Huckleberry is pretty good at the air guitar! 🎸🐻
When trumpeter swan couples court each other, they form the shape of a heart with their heads. ❤️🦢❤️

📸: Keeper Deanna
Keepers use this large stump as a natural puzzle feeder for the growing grizzly bears! 🐻
Mountain goat Klahhane having spring fun with keeper Deanna. This time of year the goats are shedding their winter floof. ☁️ 

📹: Keeper Deanna
The sweetest sleepy snuggles behind-the-scenes with river otter sisters Oakley and Blakely! 🥰

📹: Keeper Andra
Close up cuteness with Forest the American pine marten. 🥰

📹: Keeper Andra
Black bears Benton and Fern are slowly starting to wake up from torpor. During torpor, a bear’s body temperature, respiratory rate and metabolic rates all decrease to conserve energy.