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Frequently Asked Questions

With the excitement of the new trams come plenty of questions! Get your questions answered here so you’re well-prepared for the new experience.

The Electric Tram Tour Experience

What is the Discovery Tram Tour experience? How do the new electric trams compare to the older propane trams?
You’ll experience the wonder and awe of nature on our Discovery Tram Tours as you discover herds of bison, mountain goats, Roosevelt elk and other native Northwest animals as they roam freely through their 435-acre home. Our new electric trams offer up close, eye-level views of our majestic animals and panoramic views of beautiful meadows, forests, and lakes. They’re also more eco-efficient, with a smaller carbon footprint that helps protect wildlife and keeps our air clean.

How long is the Tram Tour?
Each Discovery Tram Tour is about 40 minutes long and travels through the 435-acre Free-Roaming Area of the wildlife park.

Do I have to pay extra for the Tram Tour?
No. Your Discovery Tram Tour is included with your membership or general admission to the park.

What animals will I see?
Our Free-Roaming Area is home to bison, mountain goats, Roosevelt elk, moose, bighorn sheep, caribou, deer, and other Northwest native animals.

Can I pet or feed the animals?
No, please do not touch or feed the animals at any time. Some of the animals in our Free-Roaming Area may walk close to the trams during the tour. Many of these animals have antlers and horns and can be dangerous. We want to ensure the health and safety of you and your guests, as well as the health and safety of our animals throughout your visit.

Are there restrooms available during the tour?
The tram tour has no restroom access, so please plan ahead. Restrooms are at our front entrance, next to the café, and near the grizzly bear habitat.

Can we bring food or beverages on the tram?
Food and beverages are prohibited on the tram. You can bring water on the tram in a reusable water bottle or other closed container.

Can I bring my car seat, stroller, or wagon on the tram? How about a cooler or large backpack? 
Due to limited space, car seats, strollers, wagons, coolers, and other large items are not allowed on our trams. We have stroller/wagon parking at our new Tour Station. Please lock car seats, coolers, and other large items in your vehicle.

Will my wheelchair fit on the new trams?
Our new trams can accommodate conventional and electric wheelchairs up to 25 inches wide — the same width as our wheelchair rentals. When you check in at our admissions window, please let staff know if you or a guest accompanying you has a wheelchair.

Can I bring my service animal on the tram?
Northwest Trek is ADA-accessible, and we welcome individuals with disabilities and their service animals throughout the park, including on our trams. When you check in at our admissions window, please inform our staff that you have a service animal. Review our Service Animal Policy.

Do the new trams have air conditioning or heat?
Our trams do not have air conditioning, but you can open the windows. They do have heat for the cooler weather.

How fast does the tram go? Will it stop so I can take photos of the animals?
Our trams can travel up to 10 mph and will slow down to about 1 mph when passing animals so you can take photos. If you’re interested in taking more extensive photos of the animals, we encourage you to consider a Photo Tour.

Ticketing, Check-In + Seating

Do I need to reserve a Tram Tour time before my visit? Can I pick the time of my Tram Tour?
We’ll assign a boarding time for your Tram Tour when you check in at our admissions window. Seating is limited, and your Tram Tour boarding time will be assigned based on available seating when you arrive.

We’ll schedule you for the next available Tram Tour. Your tour time may be as soon as 15 minutes after arrival or several hours later if the park is busy. We cannot take requests for specific tour times before your visit or at our admissions window.

Do children who are 2 years old and younger need tickets for the Tram Tour?
Children 2 and younger receive free admission to Northwest Trek with a paying adult. They will need an assigned tram seat if they can’t sit on an adult’s lap for the 40-minute tram tour. When you check in at our admissions window, please let our staff know if you have children who are 2 years old or younger who will require seats on the tram.

When should I check in for my Tram Tour?
Please arrive at our Tour Station at your assigned boarding time. Our staff will scan your tram ticket and show you where to line up for your experience. Our trams depart on time, so please arrive promptly.

Can I pick my seats on the Tram Tour?
To ensure every guest has the most comfortable experience, we’ll assign your seats when you check in at our Tour Station.

What if I miss my assigned Tram Tour?
If you miss your assigned Tram Tour, please bring your tickets to our staff at the Tour Station or the admissions window. We assign tour times on a rolling basis. We cannot guarantee another tour time will be available during your visit.

Can I take more than one Tram Tour?
Each guest is limited to one Tram Tour per visit.

School Groups, Large Groups + Premier Tours

We have a large group visiting, and we’d like to sit together. How many people can fit on a Tram Tour?
We can fit about 40 guests on one Tram Tour. When you check in at our admissions window, please let our staff know how many people are in your group. We’ll do our best to accommodate all of you, but depending on the size of your group, we may need to spread your group over several trams.

Can school groups book a Tram Tour for Fall 2023?
We are not offering Tram Tours in 2023 for school field trips while we determine the capacity and operating schedule for our new trams. We are still booking school field trips for the walking area of the wildlife park.

Do Premier Tours include Tram Tours?
Our premier tours (Wild Drive, Keeper Adventure Tours, Elk Bugling Tours, and Photo Tours) already include access to our Free-Roaming Area as part of your exclusive experience. An additional Tram Tour is not included.