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We Heart Wolverines

Ahma and Rainier
Playful siblings.

We heart wolverines – especially Rainier and Ahma, who are siblings from different litters. Like all wolverines, they’re playful and curious, but Ahma’s definitely the boss. Keep scrolling for fun facts, videos and stories!

wolverines Rainier front and Ahma behind
Brother and sister
Reunited again.

Brother-and-sister wolverines Rainier and Ahma were both born at Northwest Trek from different litters. Now they’re back home and together again, getting along famously in a habitat that includes plenty of trees to climb and boulders to explore. (That’s Rainier in front in the photo – he’s a little bigger.)

wolverine with ice ring
What do wolverines love?
Snow and ice.

Wolverines are built for cold! They’ve evolved in harsh Northwest mountain areas to be tough survivors: agile climbers, strong diggers, and afraid of nothing, with thick fur to protect them against the weather. Ours love ice piles and snow – when we get it!

Fun facts
about wolverines.
  • Their scientific name is Gulo gulo, which is Latin for “gluttonous glutton” – they’ll eat anything!
  • Wolverines dig snow dens to raise their young, high up in the mountains.
  • They’re very wary of humans, and it’s incredibly rare to see one in the wild.
  • Like their superhero namesake, they’re not just strong but smart, curious and adaptable.