Discovery Tram Tour

When was the last time you spied a massive moose? Waved at a herd of bison? Turned the corner to see a majestic elk at the edge of a lake?

On a Discovery Tram Tour, you'll enjoy a comfortable ride through 435 acres of stunning meadows and forests. You'll get an eye-to-eye view of fascinating animals as they explore their natural habitat.

A friendly naturalist narrates each tour, sharing fun facts about the animals you're seeing. Every season offers something new: See babies in the spring, elk bugling in late summer, and thick wooly coats in winter. Each tour is different!

Discovery Tram Tours are free with admission or membership to Northwest Trek.

Willow the moose calf

Get a glimpse of the moose calf, as well as bison calves, bighorn lambs, goslings, a caribou calf, and other babies.

Get even closer

Photo Tours, perfect for shutterbugs, offer optimal views for taking beautiful photos. If you're interested in the animal care process, book a Keeper Tour and ride in the back of the keeper's truck as they make their daily rounds!

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American Bison Roosevelt Elk
North American Moose
Black-tailed Deer
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Mountain Goat
Bighorn Sheep
Trumpeter Swan

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