Discovery Tram Tour

This is the signature experience in a day of awesomeness that is a visit to Northwest Trek.

It's a flat-out fun, unparalleled tell-all-your-friends-about-it trip through a wildlife park teeming with herds of American bison, Roosevelt elk, bighorn sheep and mountain goats. Plus moose, deer, Canada geese, trumpeter swans and many other species.

Hundreds of animals.

And they're all right outside your tram window. It's not unusual, in fact, for drivers to slow down and let the animals cross the road right in front of you.

You can hear their hooves pound the earth, see steam rising from their nostrils on a chilly morning, stare into their eyes - and find them looking right back at you. All from the comfort of your tram seat while a naturalist tells you about the animals you're seeing.

The Discovery Tram Tour is free with admission to Northwest Trek.

Want to get even closer to the action? Book a Keeper Tour and ride in the back of the keeper's truck or bring your camera to a Photo Tour for even better views of the animals.

Don't delay. Nature is calling!

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American Bison Roosevelt Elk
North American Moose
Black-tailed Deer
 circle goat 2  circle bighorn sheep  circle swan  
Mountain Goat
Bighorn Sheep
Trumpeter Swan