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Sep 20, 2023

Owls get a bad rap around this time of the year. They’re associated with bad luck and hooting off evil – but none of that is true. Owls are only bad luck if you happen to be a mouse! And the only reason they hoot is to communicate with other owls. In some countries, owls are killed because of the negative associations with them. We want to change that narrative: owls are beautiful, intelligent creatures that keep the rodent population down. Northwest Trek’s 8-year-old barn owl, Teklus (pronounced Tuck-loose), is an excellent ambassador for his wild counterparts. If you’ve visited …

May 30, 2018

It was a fairly routine wellness exam in the Northwest Trek veterinary clinic this week – but with a very special guest. “See, I’m just extending the wing out here to look at his plumage,” says Trek veterinarian Dr. Allison Case, gently unfolding the white underfeathers of Teklus, the barn owl. Reaching with one finger, Dorothy “Doro” Oliver leaned over the peacefully-sleeping bird in awe. “He’s so soft,” she whispered. For Teklus – the Lushootseed word for owl, pronounced “tukloose” and shortened to “Tuck” by staff – it was just an ordinary exam. But for Oliver – celebrating a birthday …