Photo Tours

Perfect for photographers of all levels, exclusive Photo Tours are a whole new way to experience the Free-Roaming Area.

We’ll provide optimal conditions for you to take action shots of animals. From the tram you may see moose, mountain goats, bison, bighorn sheep and more in varying, natural habitats.

Reservations are limited to 13 people to ensure plenty of room for you to move around and set up monopods. Tram windows are removed to allow a clear view of wildlife, so dress and pack weather-appropriate gear. 

Reservations are required.

Ages: 18 and up

Rates: $65 for Members / $70 for Non-Members
Includes admission to park on day of event and a tram tour. 

2018 Dates - booking now

March 4, 8-10:30 am
April 7, 8-10:30 am
May 5, 8-10:30 am
June 2, 8-10:30 am
July 15, 8-10:30 am
July 28, 8-10:30 am
Aug. 7, 8-10:30 am

Aug. 17, 8-10:30 am
Aug. 19, 8-10:30 am
Sept. 8, 8-10:30 am
Oct. 28, 8-10:30 am
Nov. 10, 9-11:30 am
Dec. 8, 9-11:30 am
Dec. 16, 9-11:30 am