Meet the moose calves!

Male moose calf Spruce, born June 12, stays close to his mother in the Free-Roaming Area.

A new moose calf, Aspen, is still being slowly introduced to Spruce and Spruce's big sister Willow before she will make her debut in the Free-Roaming Area.

Aspen was orphaned in Idaho this summer, but is healthy and doing well.

Look for Aspen and Spruce from the comfort of a Discovery Tram Tour, included with admission.
aspen spruce collageSpruce's mother Connie (named for park co-founder Connie Hellyer) and father Ellis (named for former longtime park Deputy Director Dave Ellis) were brought to Northwest Trek in 2012 as orphans. As residents of the 435-acre Free-Roaming Area, they wander at will.

Big Sister Willow

Willow was born on the park's 40th birthday in July 2015. She has become an independent and confident young moose.