Promoting Green Practices

Northwest Trek is deeply committed to conservation, not only through our work with native wildlife and habitat, but also in daily operations. The park has achieved a five-star rating from the Pierce County EnviroStar program for leadership in green practices and for its efforts to reduce solid waste, energy use, water runoff and air emissions.

Green efforts include:
Investing in energy efficient vehicles
Staff drive the park’s hybrid cars and use biodiesel fuel in park tractors. Three of the oldest trams were refurbished instead of buying new ones.

Using energy efficient lighting
The park uses a combination of LED, fluorescent and motion-sensitive lighting throughout the park.

Recycling and composting
The park composts plant and herbivore waste and converts the carnivore waste to fertilizer. The maintenance shop recycles motor oil, brake cleaners and solvents, antifreeze, and absorbent pads. Recycled antifreeze is used in all vehicles. Recycling bins are located throughout the park and a compost bin is used in the employee lunch room.

Using, buying and selling green products
The Forest Café uses compostable plates and cups and sells shade-grown coffee. The park prints on recycled paper and uses green cleaners and solvents and recycled wood products.

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