Free-Roaming Area Guidelines

    Northwest Trek Wildlife Park offers a 435-acre free-roaming area, which features moose, Roosevelt elk, deer, caribou, mountain goats and bison living in forests, meadows and lakes.

    • The keepers drive large trucks that provide ample space for a small crew and their equipment. No outside commercial vehicles are allowed inside the free-roaming area.
    • An animal keeper will escort all commercial photographers/filmmakers and, if necessary, a PR staff member will join them, in the free-roaming area.
    • The applicant(s) will not damage, destroy or remove any plants, animals, property nor interfere with the public's use and enjoyment of the facilities.
    • No animals, plants, stereos or food will be brought into the free-roaming area.
    • The applicant will not in any way, shape or form identify Northwest Trek and its staff, animals, plants, conservation and education mission or exhibits in a derogatory or defacing manner. Footage taken at Northwest Trek will not be used in a way that misrepresents the park.
    • The applicant agrees there will be no anthropomorphizing (humanizing) of animals.
    • Applicants are not allowed to have direct contact with animals.
    • The contracted photographer/artist will be held accountable for the actions of themselves, crew and any damage to the park facilities and property. A valid certificate of general liability insurance is required.
    • Northwest Trek asks for a copy of the photographs/film/video and any accompanying text.
    Because photo/film sessions require extra staff and disrupt routine park operations, fees are charged to offset these costs and difficulties.

    Fees are $300 per hour per artist/filmmaker/photographer. A non-refundable deposit of $300 is required two days in advance of scheduled appointment. The deposit will apply toward the first hour.