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Trek to the Wild Side

May 7 - 15, 2021

Get ready to bid on a collection of unique items and experiences in the first annual Trek to the Wild Side Online Auction hosted by the Northwest Trek Foundation.

Bidding opens May 7 and will close on May 15. Register early.

Online Wildlife Academy

Proceeds from the auction will benefit the Online Wildlife Academy. Help bring this amazing resource to struggling districts and educators, expanding programing, enhancing technology and provide vital staff support. The Online Wildlife Academy is a virtual nature science education program focused on connecting students ages K-8 with native Northwest wildlife. With its mixture of live educator presentations, animal photos and videos, keeper chats, science facts, activities and Q&A this program delivers a much needed resource, especially this past year.

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Northwest Trek Foundation

Community support is vital for Northwest Trek. Your tax-deductible gifts to the Northwest Trek Foundation – our 501(c)3 fundraising partner – help us add new programs and exhibits, upgrade old ones, buy new equipment, increase conservation and research, and go above and beyond. Explore all the ways you can help make a difference for wildlife. S

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