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Bear Tracks

May 18 - 19, 2019 9:30AM - 5:00PM

Furry, furry fun.
Free with admission. May 18-19

Beary, beary fun

Grizzly and black

We just can't bear the excitement! Not one, not two but FOUR bears, all ready to play this spring weekend. Come meet our black bears Benton and Fern, and our grizzly cubs Huckleberry and Hawthorne, and watch them dig, roll, climb and wrestle. You'll meet their keepers, too.
Saturday Keeper Chats:
11:30am Black bears (Watch them explore an unsafe campsite all day long)
2pm Grizzly bear feeding
Sunday Keeper Chats:
11:30am Black bear feeding
2pm Grizzly bear food storage demo

Learn from the experts

Ever wondered what bears eat? Or what to do if you meet one in the wild? We'll have hands-on bear activities for humans all day long.
Teddy Bear Tent: Bring your teddy bear for a wellness check-up, and do bear crafts. 11am-4pm Sat-Sun
Protect bears:Find out more at the Conservation Northwest booth All day Satand WDFW trailer Sat-Sun
Foraging walks: Join a naturalist on the paved nature trails behind Kids' Trek to learn about wild edible forest foods, and how to spot bear signs. 10:30am, 12:30pm, 2:30pm (Sat/Sun)
K9 Benny: Meet Washington's first canine wildlife detective! Benny and Officer Lauren Wendt will demonstrate sniffing out illegal wildlife products from luggage. On the lawn every 30 mins from 10:30am (Sun)

Take the Bear Quiz!

How much do you know about bears? Their favorite food? How fast they can run?

Take this Bear Quiz, courtesy of our event sponsor Teddy Grahams, and you might win a Keeper Adventure Tour!

Stop by the Teddy Grahams booth all day for bear-shaped snacks! And teddy plushes are 10% off (20% for members) all weekend in the gift shop.


Meet our bears