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Mystery of the Woods

Haunted Hike
Can you solve the Mystery of the Woods?

There’s something mysterious about a forest, full of spooky sights and sounds. We have been hearing and seeing some strange things in our woods and around Tacoma – high-pitched screams and yelps. All we can see are yellow-green orbs that quickly vanish. What is it???

Help us solve the Mystery of the Woods by collecting clues on the Haunted Hike digital scavenger hunt!

Walk the path to Birds, Cats, Canids, Wolves, Bears and Forest & Wetland, looking for red footprints along the way. When you see a footprint, stop and answer a Mystery Question on these pages. Each correct answer will unlock a letter-clue, and the next question! Finally, unscramble the letters to solve the Mystery.

If you answer incorrectly, the page will reload. (Scroll to try again.) Get the right answer and you can move on!

Ready? Let’s start at birds!

blue ghost
Eagles & Owls
What's that screeching?

From our old abandoned barns we have been hearing loud screeches and hisses. It is mostly coming from the upper lofts, where we used to store the hay. We have noticed that since the noises have started, the mice have been disappearing from the fields as well! What do you think is causing such a fright?

Mystery Question 1