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Animal Shoutouts

Customized Greetings
From our animals, with love.

Share a special message with a wild touch. Animal Shoutouts are a fantastic way of sending a customized video greeting to a friend or loved one – complete with a favorite animal! Hear one of our keepers speak your message alongside a mountain goat, bald eagle, porcupine, or other adorable animal.

Shoutouts currently in hibernation!

Visit Point Defiance Zoo for active Animal Shoutouts.

Zoo Shoutouts
(From walrus to sloth.)

We’re also offering Animal Shoutouts from our sister zoo, Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium! Choose from whistling walruses, kissing seals or a slow-but-adorable sloth to send your personalized greeting.

Which animal will you choose?

And what you get.
  • When you book, you’ll fill in a form with your details, the message you want to send, the filming date and your choice of animal.
  • We’ll make a 30-second video with animal care staff speaking your message and your animal adding a special gesture.
  • Within 48 hours of the filming date we’ll send you a link to download your video. You can then send it on to the recipient.
  • Cost: $50 per Animal Shoutout
Need some ideas? Animal Shoutouts are perfect for:
  • Birthdays, engagements, anniversaries and other special days
  • Best-of-luck for Back-to-School!
  • Congratulations or condolences
  • Missing You
  • Get well

Please note: When working with animals, there is a possibility that things might not go as planned. We will do our best to fulfill your request, but if an issue arises and your request is delayed or not possible we will work with you to arrange a different animal or offer a full refund.

Animal Choices
Shoutout FAQs
All the details.
When will Shoutouts return to Northwest Trek?

Our Shoutout program is hibernating over winter. Please check back in spring!

What should I expect from an Animal Shoutout?

In your Animal Shoutout video you will have your featured animal joined by an animal care staff member who will share your message. The animal care staff will introduce themselves and the animal, share your message, and add a fun fact or two at the end.

How long are the Shoutouts?

Videos are usually about 30-seconds long. It varies slightly with each request.

How do I request an Animal Shoutout?

When you book, select the animal that you want featured in your video. Pick a date from the calendar. This is the date that your Shoutout will be filmed. Once you complete your purchase you will be asked to fill out a form with all the information needed to complete your request. Please note: the date you select is not the date when you will receive your Shoutout video. It is the date your Shoutout will be filmed at Northwest Trek. You can expect your Shoutout to be delivered to you within 48-hours after your filming date.

How far in advance should I order a houtout?

We advise that you order a shoutout at least two weeks in advance of filming day. If your Shoutout is tied to a specific date, we suggest you reserve a filming day at least a week or more before the event. (More animals to choose from!)

Will the Shoutout be delivered to the intended recipient for me?

No. The requested video will be delivered to the person who made the request, not the intended recipient. The person making the request will be responsible for sharing the video with the intended recipient.

How will Animal Shoutouts be delivered?

The person who made the request will receive an email when the Shoutout is ready. Included in the email will be a link to download your Shoutout video through Google Drive.

Do I have to have a Google or Gmail account to download the video?

No, you will be able to access the video file with the link that is provided without having a Google or Gmail account.

How long will I have to download a copy of my Shoutout video?

You will have 14 days to download and save a copy of your video. After, 14 days the video will be deleted from our cloud storage (Google Drive).

What if I don’t receive my Animal Shoutout within 48 hours after the filming date?

First, please check your spam or junk mail folder. Emails from Northwest Trek sometimes end up there. If you still did not receive an email with your Shoutout, please contact us here. Make sure to include your order number, the name of who made the request, and the email address associated with the purchase.

Will I get a refund if I decide to cancel my Animal Shoutout request?

To have a full refund issued you must cancel your order at least 14 days before the filming date you selected. Cancellations with at least 7 days’ notice will receive an 80% refund. No refund will be issued for cancellations within 7 days of the filming date.

More questions?

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