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Our Donors

Our 2021 Donors
Thank you.

Amanda Erickson, In Honor of Sherry Jensen
AmazonSmile Foundation
Andrea Johnson, In Memory of Megan Dougherty
Andrea Smith
Ben Foster
B.J. Wilhite
Boeing Matching Gift Program
Brantley Janson Certified Public Accountants
Brian Jarrell
Brian Walker
Caitlyn Stephens
Cathy Torgerson Windermere Real Estate
Charles Hasse, In Memory of Megan Dougherty
Chinook Roofing & Gutters
Comcast Corporation
Constance Anne Hellyer, In Memory of Connie H. Hellyer
David Meadows
Dan & Debra Wilson, In Memory of Megan Olin Dougherty
Debi Gregory
Diane Dixon
Edward Jones Debi Gregory
Emily Mattox
Enumclaw Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram
Faalelei Palelei
Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program
Garry & Gerri Mitts, In Honor of Jay & Tammy Mitts
Gil & Renee Olson, In Memory of Megan Dougherty
Greater Tacoma Community Foundation
Hancock Forest Management
Isabelle Olson
Jeffrey Pickard
Jenifer Hawkins, Caliber Home Loans
Jennifer L. Unrau CPA & Associates PS
Jennifer Yarbrough, In Memory of Tiggy
Jessica Moore
Joy Tevis
Joyce Gottschalk, In Memory of the great care Cash got
Julie D Meile, In Memory of Megan Olin Dougherty
Kathy Welsh
Lance Bierman
Laplander, Doppleganger and Tut
Laura Eden Alyss Voicu, In Honor of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Laura Kirkland
Lisbeth Beckelman & Patrick Stotts
Michael & Gloria Olin, In Memory of Megan Olin Dougherty
Nancy Johnson
Nita & Craig McCallum, In Memory of Judy Arms
Pamela Nathan & Mike Pierce
Pat Adams, In Honor of Chris Brunner
Patterson Family Trust
Patti Mintz, In Memory of Megan Dougherty
Rainier American Association of Zookeepers
Richard & Delores Denny, In Memory of Megan Dougherty
Richard & Rachel Nichols
Rick Dietz
Sally Sheck
Sandra Eliason
Samantha Brashears, In Honor of Sarah Halmot
Shannon Wells
Sheryl Blessing
S.J. Jacky
South Hill Veterinary Hospital
State Farm Matching Gift Program
Stephanie Loften, In Memory of Megan Olin Dougherty
Streamable Learning, Inc.
Tacoma Trophy
The Old Cannery Furniture Warehouse
Victoria Andrews, In Honor of Desiree Kennedy
Voss Chiropractic, P.S.
Washington State Employees Combined Fund Drive